Lightning Seeds

Is it really true? Oh, lucky you, yes it is! 

We’re beyond excited to be able to wrap up Saturday mainstage’s perfect day with a perfect night as we welcome one of the UK’s greatest ever songwriters, Ian Broudie and his quintessential band, The Lightning Seeds. Things can indeed be marvellous.

Despite not playing the fame game like most of his Brit-pop contemporaries Ian Broudie’s skill in writing and producing wonderfully catchy and uplifting songs that have more than stood the test of time has secured his reputation as a truly great songwriter. ”Marvellous”, “Lucky You”, “Pure” “Perfect”, “Ready or Not” and the greatest football song ever “Three Lions” are all melodic mini-masterpieces and one of his earliest hits “The Life of Riley”, which was written for his son when he was just a toddler, now takes on an extra charm as Riley will be up on stage at Rhythmtree playing guitar alongside his Dad. 

Ian Broudie’s skills are by no means confined to songwriting. Echo and The Bunnymen, The Fall, Pete Wylie’s “Wah”, The Coral, The Zutons and many others over the past 30 years have benefited from the magic dust of his constantly-in-demand production skills but we’re pleased to hear that he is currently writing and recording a new Lightning Seeds album and, along with his long standing band mates, the group are enjoying a real resurgence. Few, if any, can match their ability to produce perfect pop whilst retaining that special “edge” to their performances that only the truly great bands have.  

The Lightning Seeds are in huge demand throughout the European festival circuit, they’ve got a renewed spring in their step and they are delighting and exciting audiences old and new wherever they go. We’re thrilled that they’ll be joining us on Saturday evening and we expect the Island will turn out in force to give them a rousing Rhythmtree reception as we enjoy together one of the UK’s truly great bands. 

The Lightning Seeds: when they’re near it all makes sense.
When:Saturday 15 July 
Where: Main stage
Lightning Seeds at Rhythmtree 2017
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