Yorkston : Thorne : Khan

Be prepared for something very special on Saturday afternoon when the Isle of Wight, Scotland and India come together to grace our mainstage. 

This remarkable trio of very varied but undeniably complimentary talents are currently riding high on the release of their highly acclaimed second album. Praise filled reviews are rolling in, BBC’s 6music made it their “album of the day” and have been playing tracks throughout their schedule and recent live performances have been captivating audiences. 

On paper we grant you it seems an unlikely mix… renowned Scottish singer-songwriter James Yorkston coupled with his great friend, the superb Isle of Wight based double-bassist Jon Thorne, and the amazing Suhail Yusuf Khan, an award-winning sarangi player and singer from New Delhi. The combination is unusual: YTK’s Everything Sacred, released in 2016, may be the only precedent. Yet, while on paper the constituent elements might seem disparate, the new album is, if anything, even more coherent than its predecessor. It also basks in a truly magnificent title: Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars. 

We’re not sure how best to describe the result but Yorkston is insistent that YTK doesn’t qualify as fusion because he’s not ‘that kind of guitarist’. ‘Fusion implies polite, well played. Suhail and Jon are virtuosos, but what I do is not always pretty. I bring more of a punk energy. It’s like that Leonard Cohen quote about the cracks that let the light in.’ This is, he laughs, a pretty cracked album. 

Cracked it may be but it is also utterly brilliant and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to share with you this sublime and genuinely invigorating exploration of previously un-trodden musical ground at Rhythmtree 2017.

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