The Ohmz

The Ohmz formed when five goats from a farm wandered into reggae and tea night at the local, discovered they shared a love of tea (and reggae) and decided to write some songs about that.

They now spend their time performing their own brand of upbeat and funky reggae, with ska highlights and jazz overtones.
Think if Bob Marley had covered White Stripes. Now throw in some of The Clash, and a touch of Sublime. Serve with a generous portion of warm harmonious horns.

In between festival appearances and recording EPs, they can often be found wandering their native Isle of Wight habitat, or simply enjoying a nice cup of tea.

“They could start a party in a morgue… A bouncing crowd gathered stage-right and were treated to The Omhz full repertoire of original material, new song Smile a particular highlight. A new EP is in the offing and maybe even an album. Judging by what was heard it could be something very special.”
- Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radar 

“The Ohmz are a great example of why the Isle of Wight is a musical hotbed. I love their fusion of styles and not only are they fantastic musicians but they rock the party too.. love em!“
Rob da Bank Bestival Curator and BBC Radio DJ

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