Stella Chiweshe

Stella Chiweshe

Despite having endured many trials and tribulations, Zimbabwe-born singer and instrumentalist Stella Chiweshe “the mbira Queen” has never lost faith in the healing power of music.

Some artists project a stage persona which differs markedly from their everyday personality. Nothing could be further from the truth as far as Stella Chiweshe is concerned.

The 71 year old Zimbabwe-born singer and instrumentalist is the real deal. Her singing and mbira (African thumb piano – mbira dza vadzimu, to give it its full name) playing are not just a joy to behold, they generally leave Chiweshe’s audiences spellbound and elated fuelled by both her sense of unbridled joie de vivre and also calm tranquility.

Listening to Chiweshe talk and sing is like hearing the gently rippling flow of a stream or a small waterfall. You don’t get a sense of a battle-worn warrior who has fought throughout her life to have her musical and artistic say.

“I am not fighting and I have never fought,” she declares. “I have just taken it easy. Some people only listen when they are beaten. It is better to listen without being beaten.” Stella has clearly never been beaten.

It’s a real honour for Rhythmtree to be able to present this great and very special artist whose reputation extends throughout the world. The perfect accompaniment to a sunny Sunday afternoon we’re thrilled that she’ll be joining us as a very special guest highlight of Paul Armfield’s Sunday Shhh.
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