KOG and the Zongo Brigade

KOG and the Zongo Brigade

The Blockheads

When: Sunday 16 July 
Where: Mainstage
Sunday evening on our main stage is going to be something really special. In addition to the mighty Blockheads and our Rhythmtree favourites, the amazing Tankus the Henge, we’re very proud to present a very special band who are surely destined to achieve very great things
From Ghana via Sheffield the 9-piece K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade deliver an irresistible brew of afrobeat, soul, funk and reggae with an energy and passion that few, if any, can match. It’s truly exhilarating, uplifting and nerve tingling stuff, great fun and great funky.
Under the leadership of their charismatic frontman the Ghanaian born force of nature K.O.G they are a musical whirlwind twisting rhythm, beats and head spinning tunes with a hard hitting musical unity which has seen them storm many of Europes biggest festival stages in 2016. K.O.G. and the Zongo brigade are truly a class act and we’re very excited to be able to welcome them to Rhythmtree this year.
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