Line Up

Line Up

Line Up

At Rhythmtree 2017 you’ll get to enjoy so much music you know and love and, we’re sure, make many a new musical discovery along the way. We aim to re-charge even the most run down of musical batteries and whether your preference is for basking in the sun and soaking up the sounds with a beer or a wine with friends and family, or dancing through the day and into the night - Rhythmtree 2017 has got it for you. 

This year we can promise you more great hit songs, dance classics and famous faces than ever before and they’ll be appearing on our 4 live stages alongside a thrilling array of artists from Africa, Asia, America (North and South), the Caribbean, Europe and, of course, throughout the UK including the very best of the Island’s homegrown talents. 
Lovers of blues, blue beat, roots, reggae, rock and folk are in for a treat and if your preference is just to sing along with a panoply of popular Top 20 tunes then you’re going to be hoarse by the end of the weekend.

This year we’ll also have even more happenings off-stage and around our beautiful site with circus performers, brass bands and dance troupes, likely to surprise you at every turn. 

We’ll be announcing full details over the coming weeks so please keep checking back here and “like” our Facebook page to ensure you’re first to hear about each exciting update!



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