John Murry

John Murry
Appearing with his full band we're very excited to be able to present one of the greatest and most personal purveyors of the great American songbook on our Rhythmtree stage.  Raised in Tupelo, MS, late of Oakland, CA and currently residing in Kilkenny, Ireland John has just completed work on the soon to be released "A Short History of Decay", the brilliant and long-awaited follow-up to his spectacular solo debut "The Graceless Age" that has been lauded and acclaimed as a masterpiece throughout the music press and across the world.
There's no escaping the fact that John has had it rough at times in a life full of hardships, misfortune and self damage but since relocating to Ireland a few years ago he's turned it all around and from the very deepest depths he's got himself sorted and climbed out of the gutter with music as his ladder. 
Hugely popular now amongst fans of "Americana" John's appearance at the End of the Road festival was a weekend highlight for many and we're delighted he is now able to join us at Rhythmtree.

Vaudou Game

John Murry
At Rhythmtree we try to combine presenting acts you know and love alongside as many eye and ear popping new discoveries as possible. Of all the new sounds we’ve got lined  up for you at Rhythmtree 2017 we reckon the raw 70’s Afro-funk and blistering live show of Vaudou Game could well be the one that rocks the most boats.
Poised to supercharge your Friday evening Vaudou Game combine Voodoo cultural traditions with Afrobeat rhythms and James Brown inspired Funk and Soul to create an original, dynamic, heavy groove that has been firing up audiences across Europe this past
year. Led by Togo born singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Solo their new album “Kidayú” has been rightly lauded in Mojo, Q, fRoots and many other magazines and was described by Songlines magazine as “certainly my African party album of the year”.
Bands this original and this special are a very rare occurrence and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Prepare to feel the earth move when Vadou Game take to the Rhythmtree stage


With a huge range of material, both self- penned and collected on his extensive worldwide travels, it’s not unusual for Blanty to entertain audiences with Springsteen-like long sets timed in hours rather than minutes.
At Rhythmtree we'll be asking him to rein it in a little but he will be with us all weekend popping up on various stages throughout the site so you'll have plenty of opportunities to get the full Blanty effect!
Since returning to the UK in 2012 Blanty has focused on his solo performance and following his appearance at last year’s Musicport Festival in Whitby things have really taken o for him. He's now in huge demand and has spent more time in a tent than his bed this past couple of summers playing nearly every weekend at one or more festivals up and down the country. Full of humour and crackling ad-libs we’re delighted to have this human juke-box come to entertain us at Rhythmtree.
All weekend, various stages


Direct from Brazil we're delighted to be able to bring the great Cabruêra to Rhythmtree 2017. 
Based in the dry and barren region of Northeast Brazil, Cabruêra spice up the rural rhythms with the urban styles you love to groove to showing the other side of Brazil’s rich music scene beyond the Bossa and Samba cliches. Widely regarded as the “...coolest underground group in that crazy wonderful country” their ball pen guitars, pulsating bass lines come together with the infectious percussive swing that drives their sound. 
Prepare yourself to be taken over by a constant stream of solid grooves, taking in elements of samba, funk, Afrobeat and ska, as well as their own never-ending supply of north-eastern Brazilian rhythms.

Caravan Raj

Gypsies of Rajasthan, spiritual and spectacular, “Caravan Raj” are a traditional music group of Langas, Manganiyars and Kalbeliyas, representing the divergent musical styles and background of Rajasthan's Thar Desert. 
 The “Langas” and “Manganyiar” are renowned wandering poets, singing a wide repertoire of ancient songs and playing the sarangi (Indian violin), kartals (castanets), the morchang (Jew’s harp) and algoza (double flute). Joining them are the musicians of the Court of Maharajas singing and playing the harmonium and the dholak (two headed drum) with classical musicians interpreting sacred songs and performing on tablas. This gathering of Gypsy, Hindu, Persian and Mughal cultures showcases an ethnic and spiritual music, with intricate rhythms at times very close to the qawwali music of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from neighbouring Pakistan. This focus on spirituality is heightened in a strong visual sense too through the fakir's displays of courage and bravery and the devotional dances and cobra-like contortions of the “Sapera” or “Kalbeliya” dancer, a community of snake charmers living with snakes, the guardian of spiritual truth.
Caravan Raj promise to take audiences on an emotional musical procession through the Thar Desert, inspired by the majesty of their environment and an unending ambition to preserve this unique tradition.  

Circus Raj

It's always fun when the circus comes to town and when this veritable supergroup of Rajasthan's elite street circus performers combine their amazing skills with breathtaking acts of courage and bravery around our site on Sunday they are sure to have you have enthralled and amazed.
Hugely entertaining they take this ancient, mystical and magical circus format to new and bewildering heights. 
Circus Raj's cast of dancers, illusionists, aerialists, acrobats and rope walkers, with the eye-watering displays by their fakir, present a colourful, vibrant, fast-moving extravaganza of intrigue, drama, feats of daring, music, laughter and surprise. 
Their spectacular, awe-inspiring and unique performances provide a jaw dropping feast of Indian circus and street theatre that will amuse and bemuse you in equal measures.  


Djuna Mambafu & The Big One Band

It's rare for an opportunity to catch one of the great African vocalists on our small Island to present itself and this promises to be a Sunday afternoon treat not to be missed. 
For many years Djouna Mumbafu was the lead vocalist with the great Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba and appearing alongside him at Rhythmtree as part of his joyous 7 piece band will be Pepe's younger brother Ali Kalle.  
Djouna's somewhat politically incorrect and often hilarious videos are the stuff of legend and he helped revolutionise Congolese music with his spectacular choreography and trademark "atalaku" yells. All in all, it sounds like the perfect mix for a sunny Rhythmtree afternoon.

Elles Bailey

You'll hear many a great voice at this year Rhythmtree but come the end of the weekend Elles's gritty, southern, smoky vocals with their real bluesy/country feel to them are likely to remain a standout. 
Like many artists today, Elles is breaking down the barriers of traditional genres, taking inspiration from many and fusing them together to bring you her own unique sound, which is earning her a legion of devoted fans, young and old, from across the UK and further afield.  
Bristol based Elles is clearly a name to note and one to watch and she will be joining us at Three Gates Farm fresh from an extensive European tour and with her star firmly in the ascendance.

‘It’s safe to say that Miss Bailey is probably the best new blues prospect in the last decade and this latest set only goes to confirm that’ -The Rocker 

Julie Murphy

There'll be many a fabulous voice to be heard at this years Rhythmtree and we're thrilled to be able to include the supreme Welsh singer Julie Murphy amongst them.
Her remarkable voice, spectral and beautiful one moment and darkly rich the next, has led to collaborations with John Cale and Robert Plant and to TIME OUT declaring her a ’must see, must hear singer’
In 2016 Julie released her fourth solo album ‘EVERY BIRD THAT FLIES’ receiving support and airplay from across the BBC plus independents like Resonance and FRUK. The album was included in the MOJO Top ten folk albums of 2016 list and was a fROOTS magazine critics choice album and now one of the tracks the gorgeous "Willie Taylor" has been nominated for an award at the 2017 BBC Folk awards.

“I think I can hear the musical DNA of Nico, Lal Waterson & PJ Harvey’s White Chalk in Julie Murphy's beautiful 2012 album A Quiet House. Anyway, whatever it is, I’m absolutely smitten.” -PETE PAPHIDES 

Amazingly Julie has never been to the Isle of Wight before, not even on holiday, but we'll sure the Rhythmtree crowd will give her the kind of reception that will ensure she comes back again very soon.

Tuba Libres

We love a bit of oompah oompah at Rhythmtree and the award winning, always smiling, horn tooting, boogie shaking Tuba Libres deliver it by the bucket load. Last year they entertained us by popping up around our site and they were so much fun that we’ve invited them back again on Sunday to appear in the Didg Cafe with their full line up.  

Expect some serious Sunday fun and infectious grooves delivered straight to your feet via a brass cannon as Southampton’s very own funkadelic brass band lay down a mixing pot of 80s classics, modern pop and original brass band tunes, all whilst producing more booty shaking than you can shake a stick at.


The Drystones

Two years ago these two lads stole our hearts and left Rhythmtree’s Didg Cafe audience crowing for more after performing a barnstorming set full of vim and vigour and youthful exuberance with just one acoustic guitar, a fiddle, a whistle and an unfair amount of talent to help them along.
Friends from schooldays Alex and Ford are now widely regarded by many as the young bright
lights in the UK’s roots and folk scenes winning plaudits, including BBC’s Steve Lamacq and
Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis, awards and a braceful of music competitions against competitors of all genres.
Since appearing at Rhythmtree many other festivals have seen the light and snapped them up and they’ve appeared, and gone down a storm, in front of huge crowds supporting the likes of Ray Davies from The Kinks and The Shires.
It couldn’t happen to two more grounded or likeable lads and we’re thrilled they have agreed to return to Rhythmtree and put a spring in our Sunday afternoon steps again this year.


Young blokes with acoustic guitars are two-a-penny these days and it's a rare thing when one is genuinely able to stop you in your tracks and pull you into their world.  
With the look and sound of someone who could easily have been in Buffalo Springfield or a member of The Band Mackie has the charm, charisma and easy confidence normally associated with far more established performers. He's a great young talent, certainly "one to watch", he'll be with us all weekend and we're sure he'll be a big hit at Rhythmtree.
All weekend, 

Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose
Deborah Rose is a Welsh singer/songwriter who has developed a strong attachment to the Isle of Wight and through frequent visits has, quite rightly, many friends and supporters here.
Her emotive, timeless voice has been described by folk legend Judy Collins as “one of the finest I’ve heard” and her music is exceedingly beautiful and achingly, at time heart-
breakingly, romantic, “a real burst of wild-flowers and all their scents”.
Always in demand Deborah has shared stages and performances with Ralph McTell, Julie Felix, Robert Plant, Boo Hewerdine, Dan Cassidy, Kenny White, 10CC, Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Raghu Dixit, Thea Gilmore, The Medieval Baebes and Rickie Simpkins of the Emmylou Harris band amongst many others.
All weekend

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